Monday, 28 December 2009

Hi there!

Hi! Okay, so this blog is slightly impromptu. By slightly, I mean absolutely completely. Last night I was searching for a really good smokey eye effect tutorial on YT, which I found. That lead me to a rather splendid blog by TiffanyD (One girls blog about all things beauty...). You can find the link to her blog at the bottom of this post. Basically, this has made me rather in the mood for some serious make-up trials, and I thought, what better way than to try and create the same sort of database for consumers, at a lower price tag. The fundamental products used by TiffanyD, and this is by no means a shortcoming of her blog, is MAC. Now, if I had the sort of income where I could also use these products, don't get me wrong, I so would. My blog will be more... a students make up collection and how to get the best of the high street.
That being said, I do have a softspot for all things benefit, and this will probably come across throughout this blog!

To backtrack a little. My name is Jennifer Louise, hence the name Lulu on here, and I am seventeen. I'll be eighteen in a few months, and then off to Uni (Touch wood!!) this fall. I adore all things beauty related, but am not an expert in the area. As I tell you what I do know, no doubt I'll learn a lot that I previously didn't, thus making this a rather productive endeavor on both ends!

I hope you enjoy! I know I will!

And for the epitome of Beauty Guru Blogs: